Olay Regenerist Eye Regenerating Cream Plus Concealer


Thin skin around the eyes is most fragile and thin than compared to the skin in any other part of the body, for which reason it is very sensitive and prone to dryness, getting loose or other common problems like formation of bags or puffiness under the eyes or dark circles around them.

These are very normal occurring but needs to be taken care of so you don’t look fatigued or older than your age. But before we find the most effective treatment with most suitable ingredients, we need to learn about the underlying causes of these problems.

Dark circles could appear as a result of blood-buildup under the skin, sun damage through exposure or it could be genetically. Whereas puffiness is a result of retention of too much fluids or blood under the skin. Sodium ascorbate, Vitamin C helps thicken the skin that can lighten the dark circles. Vitamin B3, kojic acid helps lighten the appearance of dark circles around the eyes. Nonetheless, caffeine content helps regulate blood circulation that reduces puffiness and keeps from forming bags under the eyes.

To save myself time and to keep from experimenting my skin with different eye creams, I researched on what combination of contents I needed in cream to cure my untimely fine lines and unattractive dark circles. So I came across Olay regenarist eye generating cream, which also acts as a concealer for covering the dark circles.

This lightweight and highly hydrating cream is a simple formula of Vitamin B3 and Peptides. Peptides helps the production of collagen that maintains elasticity in the skin around the eyes so you do not get wrinkles or fine lines.


  • Apply as many times required, also because it can be used as concealer.
  • Squeeze a little amount on the tip of the index finger and spread it gently over the dark circles to conceal them.


This could be the best choice for you because of its light coverage and how it applies smoothly. If you have sensitive skin and wearing make up is a must, this could be a perfect barrier between your eyes and the layers of make-up. It absorbs completely into the skin, hydrating it, and concealing the dark circles so well, it doesn’t even look like you have used something. This little tube is a little expensive but lasts for a couple of months.

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