How to Get Rid of Dark Under Eye Circles


It is no secret that a busy routine can easily have us neglecting our health needs, and the factor that suffers the most neglect is generally our sleep, which is actually the prime factor for many health issues. Lack of sleep is also the leading cause for dark under eye circles. However, taking care of the sleeping pattern may very well be easier said than done.

Getting Rid of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Luckily though, there are other ways to fix this little beauty crisis. Apples are a good source of vitamins. They also absorb the iron around them. This is easily observable since if you cut an apple and leave it open in the air then within minutes it will the exposed portion will begin to darken. It has a very similar effect on the skin. For dark circles under and around the eyes, thin slices of an apple should be placed on the eyes. It is then advisable to simply lie down and let the apple slices stay in place for a good while and relax. If the apple has been refrigerated then it will have a further soothing and calming effect.

Another method for effective external use would be to mash the apple up and mix the pulp into a pasty consistency. This can then be applied to the entire face for maximum benefit, and will also have noticeable results around the eye area. It will visibly lighten the darkened skin and is safe to use around the sensitive skin of the eye area. Basically it can be used as a mask by mixing with honey as well.

Fruits have an effect both on the inside and the outside. So in order to maximize the effect, it is best to make use of the apple in more ways than one. Apples have healing qualities for the entire body, especially the skin. Ultimately this will help to recover the quality of the skin by encouraging the regeneration of cells hence getting rid of any zits or breakouts on the skin as well as clearing it up of any blotches and dark patches which could result from a number of things.

Apples could also be used to make fresh juice or even smoothies with all the fleshy goodness of the fruit. It is an easier alternative to eating the fruit if you are not a huge fan.

Of course, any skin serum with hyaluronic acid is always the best way to treat dark circles with something topical.

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