Delfogo Reconstructive Eye Cream


Delfogo has become known for their brilliant anti aging products and their age defying skin care regime. The eye serum has turned out to be the most effective in the entire range and has been given good reviews by websites such as  We take a look at it because it has the ingredient (hyaluronic acid) that we talk about on the home page and that’s the central focus of this site. The serum has been made keeping in mind DNA rejuvenation which means that it reaches the lower layers of the skin and eliminates wrinkles from within.

Delfogo Rx Reconstructive Eye Cream Review

The serum has been tested by various human test subjects who belonged to all kinds of diverse backgrounds and it has been proven to be safe. The brand recommends you use the serum for a month and you will see a good effect. The serum must be applied in small to moderate amounts and not more than two times a day.

Excessive use can be detrimental as the serum contains extremely powerful ingredients which may cause adverse reactions if administered in large amounts. There is still a lot of speculation about how safe this serum is although most reviews claim it is fine compared to far more dangerous anti aging procedures such as cosmetic surgery.

The ingredients which have been used are popular ones nowadays and are found in more premium products (even though this eye serum is quite affordable to say the least). Haloxyl is used firstly which combats dark circles, puffiness and sagging of skin which is no small feat. Argireline is used next which deals with deeper set wrinkles and lines which cut deep into the surface of the skin and may be signs of years of neglect. Stress or muscle contractions over a period of years can also cause these types of wrinkles.

Argireline has been compared to Botox in recent years even though it does not actually paralyze the skin but works to repair it from within. It provides the lift which the skin had naturally when it was younger and lost as it aged. The antioxidants which are included provide lasting hydration which again helps the skin to recover and have a glow to it.

Notable Benefits

  • This is a product which can be bought over the counter and this not entirely a prescription drug although it has many pharmaceutical safe ingredients which account for its massive effectiveness. Delfogo Cosmetic is a well known company known for making safe products which suit all skin types.
  • It has anti aging peptides such as EyelissTM, Argireline and Haloxyl.
  • It lessens and removes dark circles and under eye bags along with general sagging which occurs with age and causes changes in the skin around the eyes in most people.
  • There is a firming and somewhat lifting effect in the eye area and many people have reported a Botox like feel.
  • There is a dramatic reduction in wrinkles no matter how deep set they may have gotten and fine lines are also prevented. Damage which occurs to the eye area due to free radicals is also combated by this eye serum and it does not oxidize on the skin.


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